Psychedelic Sounds for your meditations and spritual or conscious 


Psychedelic Sounds was an idea born from the frustration of having to choose new music right in the middle of meditation, an experience or journey, the interuption can often result in a change in the way we feel, or ruin the current mood, most things online have many different moods packed into one hour long soundtrack, which can sometimes become too busy or confusing for the roaming mind. 
We have devised a plan, to help people find their perfect set and setting, to help them create the optimum mood and atmosphere for their spiritual or conscious awakening.  
Listen below to our demo, its a beach sunset inspired sampler with video, we can make you anything you want, whatever you find relaxing, we can make the sounds and video to make your meditation time perfect for you.

Sunset at the Beach sampler

A short sampler of a transporting musical journey to the Moon.

A short sampler of Slow Drift

Personalised Sounscapes.

For the journey ahead....

We can make personalised soundscapes tailored to your needs, please use the contact form below to enquire. Take a listen to some of our inspiring mood soundscapes, transport yourself to a different world, or sit by a waterfall and feel the sun on your face, wherever you want to go, Psychedelic sounds can take you there in seconds......


Feel free to contact us for your own personalised soundscape.


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Legal Stuff...

Our soundscapes are for meditation and theraputic purposes only, we do not condone or advocate for recreational drug use, misuse of psychedelic medicines can lead to harmful outcomes for the individual and others, although many countries worldwide and organisations such as MAPS are now doing trials and research with these medicines within the mental health sectors, they still remain illegal in most countries across the globe, we strongly advise against the use of these medicines without a therapist and psychotherapist present. 

We do not offer any medicines for sale, please do not use our webforms to ask for this, our mission is to massage your ears with sweet sounds that will take you to another place.